Invest in quality. Buy value.


Attid is looking for businesses that demonstrate consistent earning power, ability to generate cash and have the potential to earn above-average returns.

Investment Criteria

Company. Requires minimal assets to conduct high-margin businesses and can expand sales volume with minimal needs for additional capital

Sectors. Niche with long-term secular growth

Partnering with us. 

Attid brings extensive operating experience to support management’s plans for growth. To add value, we are focused on operational excellence, people and culture, efficient capital reinvestment and long-term sustainable growth. 


Unlike corporations, Attid does not bury the company within a larger unit or division, seek to reduce management overhead, or dilute the culture or autonomy of the business. 

We believes in carrying forward the company’s values, independence and culture and building upon what has already been achieved. We provide our managers a significant equity position and complete autonomy to run the day-to-day operations, while working together to create generous incentives and personal growth opportunities for all employees.



We invest in one company at a time as owner-operators with the goal of building businesses that we would be proud to own forever. We work together with our executive team to help drive strategy, allocate capital, and put the right structure in place to grow the business in a sustainable manner for the long-term. Our involvement allows us to gain perspective on the most detailed aspects of the operation and develop deep domain expertise that supports the strategy and growth of our investments.

Long-Term Horizon.

Our long-term view allows us to make the right decisions for our companies’ best interest because it takes time to build great companies. We can develop deep domain expertise and make long-term investments that are needed to add meaningful value. This perspective helps us to make decisions and investments more thoughtfully and with the conviction and patience to see our plans through.

Great People & Culture. 

We believe that great people and culture are the key to achieving long-term success. Through our decisions, we aim to build an exceptional culture of teamwork with a strong sense of community that is inspired to outperform and create long-term value, while maintaining the highest level of professional conduct.

Thoughtful Data Driven Decision Making Process.

In supporting our people for the pursuit of building great companies, we provide the tools and technology to measure every stage of the operation to develop thoughtful, data driven decision making process, thus creating new opportunities for value enhancement.

Value Creation

Business Development.

Governance and Talent Development.

Operation Best Practices.

Financial Strategy.