Empowering excellence.


Attid® makes investments in privately held, lower-middle market companies. 

We are motivated by the desire to make a positive impact and create a legacy, empowering people and organizations to reach their full potential.

We partner with business owners to provide a transition opportunity to secure business longevity with a fresh vision, energy, and long-standing commitment to create enduring value.

 Core Values


We readily accept accountability for our actions, inactions, and decisions, both individually and as a team. We embrace the obligation to speak up, and respectfully listen to other perspectives. We deliver on our commitments — to our stakeholders, partners, and one another. 


We proactively and collaboratively work together towards common goals. We know from experience that we can achieve much more collectively than any of us could individually.


We believe teams work best when everyone has the right to express their unique ideas and are encouraged to share them openly and often, while decisions are then made based on those that are deemed the best.


We are deeply committed to building an outstanding reputation and sustaining long-term partnerships, grounded in trust, transparency and aligning of interests. We treat everyone with fairness, compassion, and respect.


We say what we mean, and we do what we say. We conduct ourselves with integrity in everything we do, and as a learning organization, we reflect on our mistakes and always try to learn from them. 


We see tremendous value in well-rounded, inclusive team that comprised from individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and insights that will make us a stronger and more effective organization.

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info@attid.com   |   New York, NY  |   (646) 600-5774